We’ve done it!  We’re very proud to unveil our new websites for Lucy Group – Lucy Castings, Lucy Electric, Lucy Group, Ki., Lucy Properties, Lucy Developments and Lucy Zodion all have a fresh new look.  More importantly, they provide a great user experience and enable you to find what you want more easily. Do go and take a look and let us know what you think by using the ‘Contact Us’ links on the sites.

The redesign of the websites has been an intensive Lucy Group-wide project to raise the profile and identity of each company within the Group, whilst promoting a united and more holistic brand. Navigation is a key focus for all the sites to ensure visitors can find what they are looking for as easily as possible – whether that is more information about our products, services and solutions; our people, career opportunities and CSR activities; or our purpose, values and heritage. Behind the scenes, the websites are underpinned by a new server environment allowing them to be more robust and to scale-up as the Lucy Group grows.

Specifically for Lucy Developments, we have been listening to our customers and have redesigned our website to include clearer and more concise development details, great photos and provided specifications or brochures for all of our developments. We have also included functionality to enable prospective purchasers to download specifications and brochures and enquire directly through a development to the managing agent.

We have two completely new sections, one supporting the new purchasers through the viewing, reservation, purchase and post sales, and one giving information to our current purchasers about our customer service process and a comprehensive frequently asked section.

The new site is designed to meet the needs of a modern development company, and will evolve to reflect how Lucy Real Estate is meeting the latest industry challenges.

All the new sites have been developed by Torpedo (www.torpedogroup.com), a Creative & Digital Marketing Agency based in Oxford. Working closely with the Lucy Group marketing teams, Torpedo has been involved in the project from start to finish delivering a fresh new design, optimised user experiences and translating the vision into reality.

Congratulations to all those from both Lucy and Torpedo who worked so hard to bring the new sites to fruition together– hopefully you will agree that the effort was definitely worth it.