Inspiring Debate and Action to Make Social Change 

Lucy Group is proud to have sponsored Justice in Motion’s On Edge show in Oxford, which took place on Saturday 17th July. A team of international collaborators and parkour athletes performed their show presenting a visually stunning, breath-taking, and entertaining piece of theatre telling a gripping story hidden in the shadows of the construction industry.

Justice in Motion is a professional physical theatre passionate about social change. Popping up in town centres and public spaces, the theatre creates impactive shows using a combination of parkour, dance, and theatre to help create awareness and debate about issues such as modern slavery, trafficking, and social justice. Lucy Group was delighted to be a sponsor, donating to a charity that raises awareness of the plight of those who suffer invisibly in towns and streets across the UK.

Giving silent sufferers a voice, Justice in Motion shines a light on places we don’t normally see. The charities’ recent creative project ‘Moving Together’ delved into loneliness and belonging, a feeling all too familiar as we were thrust into the emotional turmoil of COVID-19. The theatrical piece follows the lives of various individuals and their experiences with isolation exploring emotional loneliness, social loneliness, and existential loneliness. The video is evocative and heartfelt, with one speaker emphasising, ‘Feeling as though you don’t have access to the world or someone to exchange with’, and a ‘complete loss of human contact.’

The theatrical piece epitomises how music and dance provide a way of moving out of loneliness; the final scene foreshadows the sense of unity and human connection needed after separation from the real world. ‘Moving Together’ is one of many captivating projects the charity has worked on, with shows ranging from forced labour in the construction industry to the multidimensional layers of poverty. You can view the full video on the Justice in Motion website.

Justice in Motion helps us move towards a society transformed into a place without exploitation, abuse, or violence. The charity’s motivations align with Lucy Group’s values, ensuring we work together to make the world a better place.

Never doubt that a group of committed, thoughtful individuals can change the world!

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