Environmental Statement

Lucy Developments is a small but responsible developer, committed to making significant, long term contributions to the environmental, social and economic fabric of the communities in which we work. As part of the Lucy Group Ltd group, we draw on years of experience of owning and maintaining a variety of residential stock. We are highly aware of lifecycle costs, maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Our Environmental Strategy

Lucy Developments cares deeply about sustainability – from the homes we build to the way in which we operate our business.

We apply measures during construction to reduce dust and noise pollution, minimising the use of water and recycling of materials where possible. We source labour and materials locally, reducing the need to transport materials unnecessary distances.

We specifically target high thermal performance in our developments, as we believe that retaining energy is the first important step to reducing energy consumption. We continually review our design and specifications to keep pace with the changing Building Regulations as we head on a journey towards carbon neutral homes.

Our attention to detail benefits all aspect of our developments, from the design stage, which ensures our developments enhance their location, to ensuring our planting and landscaping schemes surpass the planning requirements. We use local architects, surveyors and contractors and where possible locally sourced materials.